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Tips to optimize your business operations & culture

The new decade hit hard and unexpectedly with the global COVID-19 pandemic. This unprecedented event is unlike any seen in our lifetime. Our personal and professional lives have been deeply impacted. Businesses owners, small, midsize and large-scale corporations are bracing themselves for the recovery phase and aftermath of COVID-19. One thing everyone is agreeing on is that business will not be conducted the same. The global economy is evolving and transforming, with some organizations better prepared than others to embrace the sudden changes in everyday life and work styles.

As businesses begin reopening, business owners and leadership will need preparation to assimilate back into the workplace. This will mean considering changes in business models and interactions, both internally and externally. The world is shaken and we are experiencing a monumental shift in business. Strategic transformation is not just the wise choice. It is the only choice.

Gear & Ramp Up

Operationally, businesses will need to hit the ground running, especially as physical locations open. Municipalities and townships are slowly opening with ordinances in place for safety measures. With new and limited staff, business leaders will have to internally re-design business operations to serve customer demand. Additionally, they will have to comply with industry-specific personal protective equipment (PPE masks, gloves, etc.), hours of operation and industry-specific guidelines. We are in a time of gray. Government guidelines are not always clear or defined, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

One piece of advice I give clients is to cover all your bases. If your business location is in an office building, find out the policies and procedures within that building so your office and employees adhere to those guidelines while in communal spaces in the building.

Furthermore, you should have standard operating procedures (SOPs) for your employees that are clearly communicated so there is standardization and communicated expectancy as to what is required by everyone. This could include rotational work schedules, responsiveness and personal protective equipment.

Be sure to check with external entities to ensure your business or organization is in compliance with current requirements to protect your organization, employees and the local communities at large. Protect your business from liabilities.

Become Resourceful with Strategy

Another suggestion I give clients is to hope for the best and plan for the worst. It is best to be strategic in your approach with business.

Some businesses were prepared for COVID-19 as far as virtual IT capabilities, workforce communication, emergency backup and business continuity planning.

But many had to jump into survival mode and lost time, money and talented people in the process.

COVID-19 is a lesson to be more prepared for the unexpected. Now is a time that many have no choice but to pivot their business models and redesign how they do business.

Think strategically. I am working with clients now that are strategically planning six months out through the end of 2020, anticipating more changes to come (eg. flu season, COVID-19 still lingering, human resource restructuring, PPE bulk ordering, business model redesign, etc.) in order to better manage and utilize their resources in time, money and human capital. Meta Viable Solutions is also working to supply state, government, not-for-profits and businesses of all sizes with affordable, quality PPE.

Manage Culture Shock

All industries and different size organizations have experienced some sort of culture shock amid COVID-19. Many businesses are facing a rapidly changing new reality that is challenging conventional operations and cultural norms. They realize they won’t be viable in the new reality that is to come. Being a few steps ahead in recognizing changes in your industry, organization, workforce demand, product and services will be the key to future sustainability.

For instance, many organizations are recognizing the uncertainty and impacts associated with a managing a workforce that is now suddenly operating remotely.

  • How will you deal with recent layoffs and manage hiring new talent?

  • What will your upcoming workforce look like to serve your customers?

  • Will you manage a virtual, in-office or combination of both workforce?

  • How will you design and cultivate effective communications and team dynamics with positive morale?

Strong intact team dynamics and culture transformation will be vital to:

  • Remain competitive

  • Improve effectiveness

  • Enhance performance

Notably, Meta Viable Solutions has also pivoted its business model to better serve client needs during this time. Through one-on-one leadership coaching, personalized training and workshops, we are working with clients who are experiencing cultural changes in the new business environment.

This pandemic has taught us now more than ever that we all have a social responsibility to stay conscious of what is happening around us. Nothing happens in solitude. We all are reliant on one another to take the proper precautions and help one another in order to flourish as a collaborative society.

Let’s do so responsibly.

Sasha Lalite, MPA, PMP brings unique, multi-disciplinary expertise to organizations. She has years of experience in improving organizations and programs and attained diverse knowledge by working in various companies, both nationally and globally. She provides you with the practical tools, experience and best practices for you to succeed on both a personal and organizational level.

A dynamic and positive change agent, she drives businesses, people and teams to reach their optimal potential and achieve successful outcomes. She is available for personalized coaching, consult, trainings and workshops. She also provides access to quality PPE supplies to business entities. Sasha can be reached at or (347) 470-7901. More information about Meta Viable Solutions LLC is available at:

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