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Small Business 
Client Work Status: Complete
Small Business 
Client Work Status: Complete

IT integration

Strategic Projects 


The Challenge

This company needed new IT equipment and standards suited for its business due to changing markets and mandatory regulations. They required new equipment and electronic systems implementation and to become compliant with regulatory standards. Leadership did not have time to find appropriate IT Solutions and train staff who all had different skill sets. Meta Viable Solutions was asked to come in and assess and implement such measures. This was a huge strategic transformation and overall within the organization itself and needed to be done without disrupting daily operations. This included strategic project planning and execution.


  • Evaluate technology (current and future state)

  • Identify and implement new IT business solutions that met mandatory regulatory standards

  • Restructure workflow processes to integrate new solution

  • Train staff

  • Launch and integrate IT business solution within the business 


  • Assessed current business model and needs

  • Identified IT integration

  • Created gap analysis between regulatory standards and current business state

  • Incorporated staff in change management initiative

  • Identified best practice solutions customizable to business

  • Negotiated technology costs for affordability

  • Created training

  • Phased out project and created necessary teams for execution and design

  • Gained buy-in from staff and created active engagement in change​

Results/ Outcomes Achieved

This business experienced the following positive outcomes as a result of  MVS partnership:

  • Modernized businessHigher efficiency

  • Improved compliance by 60%

  • Higher revenue stream

  • Reduced number of requested external audits

  • Implemented modern up-to-date IT

  • Better communications with external partners and agencies

  • Created a  revamped data management system for reporting (reporting system)

  • Empowered & trained staff all operating at higher efficiency with more knowledge base

  • Created accountability among staff due to new IT system reporting measures



Local Coffee Shop

"It was incredible working with Meta Viable Solutions. Sasha created better office infrastructure and worked closely with me and others to improve work flow processes and regulatory and compliance measures. Under her guidance, leadership, mentoring and great example we completed many effective projects including IT training and implementation. She modernized and helped move the company forward through assessment, training, upgrades and innovation. Ms. Lalite was a great role model for many of us at the Company. She's an asset to any organization who needs her assistance." 

~Associate Director of Utilization

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