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We all have great ideas as leaders and visionaries in our company. Often times we have large business goals and objectives we wish to achieve but have a harder time tactfully putting what is needed in place in order to achieve those goals. It takes smaller steps to reach larger goals.

What is needed in Precision & Perspective to know where are you, where you want to go, and how you wish to get there. To do so wisely, cost-effectively, and with the proper resources, we have discovered a central model to give you a path to reach and manage different areas of your goals.

MVS works with clients to integrate the 4 P’s, as we call them. The 4 P Model allows for objectives to remain manageable and realistic. They help to avoid employee burnout which is often a cause for loss of productivity, ingenuity, motivation, and progress.

The 4 P’s Are Inter-related Once Established:


First and foremost, Planning is key before embarking on a new initiative. We often refer to this stage as Strategic Planning. Planning appropriately allows you to put the required people, budget (finances), time in place. It allows you to layout how you will attempt to solve a problem or begin a new business objective within your company and help you to be more resourceful with your time, money, and people when you begin. This is the most vital P because it sets the stage for how everything else will fit and fall into place to accomplish your business objective/goal. If it takes you longer to come up with a strategic plan, that is okay. It means that you are allocating the necessary time to execute well on your goal. Think of it like this, before any major play in a sports game or military action is taken in a major war, there is usually a well thought out a strategic plan to initiate and implement the play or action. This also pertains to any business goal.


People are one of your most valuable resources. You will need people both internal and external to your company to achieve your goals. What roles and expertise do you need to accomplish your business goal or project. Will they be permanent in your company or just specific to the project at hand? This is an area you also examine during your strategic planning stage. You are more effective when you collaborate and execute with the right people to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. As a collective and with the appropriate strategic partnerships, you can successfully expand your capacity and impact on customers and communities by partnering with the right people in your network. Most importantly, working with the right people in the right roles will allow you to gain more perspective and precision to reach your targeted goal and initiative.


Creating a Process to integrate different business functions, experts, systems, and operations in your business so they are working well together for your business objective to work, flow, and be reached is critical. How will you get to where you are going? You will need to ensure everyone is working together and the right communication processes and workflows exist for the business objective and within your company to ensure business objectives are met and measurable. This will also ensure that timelines are met. Often time different areas of your business must communicate with each other to ensure plans are moving forward. For example, legal, compliance, finance, operations, marketing, and sales may all play a role in achieving your specific business goal.


Last but not least, Projects are a means to the end goal if they are planned, managed, and executed well. Businesses typically have several business initiatives happening simultaneously and it can become overwhelming and impossible to prioritize, track and manage them well. Projects allow for a way to evaluate goals and identify special projects to focus on initiatives that drive you towards both personal professional growth and business goals. Delegating people internally, or externally hiring a team or consultancy to manage and spearhead as project manager or a Project Management Professional (PMP) can help to create manageable and practical projects to reach your business goals.

The 4 P’s provide a business path to better Precision and Perspective no matter what challenge or goal your company is tackling. It is a useful model that works simultaneously and is applicable to any industry.


STRIKING BUSINESS GOLD is a digestible read for time-starved and information-overloaded entrepreneurs, a go-to resource to avoid the pitfalls of operating a small business, and a straightforward, fun, and easy-to-read reference guide with practical business information you need. All in one book!

Sasha Lalite, MPA, PMP is owner and Principal Consultant of Meta Viable Solutions LLC. She is a Fractional COO & Strategic Operations Advisor who provides expertise to businesses on an outsourced, part-time, or project basis.

Meta Viable Solutions helps businesses during times of change, transition and growth. Sasha has successfully improved individual and organizational performance in national and global companies for the past 20 years. Sasha can be reached at or (347) 470-7901.

Connect on social media @metaviablesolutions.

For more information visit Meta Viable Solutions LLC available at:

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