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Client Work Status: Complete



Cost- Effectiveness

The Challenge


This hospital care system wanted to create a more innovative forward-thinking organization built on quality and performance measures. Corporate executives, chairs, and clinical chiefs were burdened with a lack of consistency, internal metrics, financial waste, and were feeling the competitive pressure to stop doing “business as usual.” They were sitting on piles of data that they realized could be useful in pushing them forward on the competitive landscape within one of the largest cities in the world.

Additionally, nurses, residents and physicians were overprescribing and overcharging and not following protocol. Manager were frustrated. Leadership wanted a change in organizational culture so employees were more engaged and could see the impact they were making on patient lives and within the organization they worked.  Meta Viable Solutions was selected to plan, implement and execute this change management initiative.


  • Create meaningful analysis through data reporting

  • Improve physician and employee engagement

  • Reduce financial costs

  • Decrease  inappropriate prescribing

  • Create better accountability among physicians, surgeons, clinicians, nurses

  • Create more visibility and transparency within the organization

  • Provide external visibility to ensure transparency and compliance with external regulatory agencies

  • Gain better ratings on competitive ranking for high quality standards

  • Create patient care operational consistency across hospital sites 



  • Conducted an overall assessment

  • Gained buy-in amongst stakeholders & build internal network of active employees

  • Identified appropriate teams with key administrative & clinical stakeholders- corporate executives, clinical, information technology, medical chiefs, nursing and financial management

  • Built analytical systems to identify appropriate data elements 

  • Created meaningful customizable reporting

  • Integrated meaningful reports into daily rounds and workflow

  • Streamlined reporting process and review throughout hospital sites


Results/ Outcomes Achieved

The hospital system experienced the following positive outcomes as a result of  MVS partnership:


  • Created 40+ meaningful reports to be used by corporate, board, clinical, and administrative staff for integrated quality work

  • Reduced employee turnover by 30%

  • Improved patient safety measures by 80%

  • Reduced costs by 50%

  • Achieved 50% reduction in return patient hospital admissions

  • Transformed clinical management and enterprise reporting

  • Transformed top tier business units through business development advancements

  • Created healthy employee competitiveness, improving performance

  • Improved clinical documentation and compliance measures by 90%

  • Achieved multi-stakeholder buy-in and involvement in initiatives

  • Created leadership and staff transparency (top down, bottom up)

  • Improved workflow processes among medical staff to achieve best practice solutions

  • Identified operational and clinical trends in costs, drug utilization, competition

  • Achieved higher patient satisfaction 

  • Re-designed management performance systems

  • Designed new data reports to be used in additional 

  • Transformed culture and created a behavioral shift with responsible administers, surgeons, clinicians

“Meta Viable Solutions has an incredible adaptability with clients. Sasha's uncanny ability to know what a client wants before they tell her makes others feel comfortable. Her flexibility also allows her to quickly switch tactics if a client changes their mind about something at the last minute. Sasha’s great connection with others and relentless perseverance to always make clients content allows her to be the best leader a company can ask for."

~ Associate, Human Resources​

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