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NYC Multi-Site High Volume 
Medical Practice
Client Work Status: Complete

Business Redesign

IT Integration

Culture Transformation

The Challenge

This high volume multi-site medical practice had different medical offices operating as if three separate companies under one company name. The lack of efficiency, communication, and transparency within the organization was impeding its ability to function optimally for staff, physician and patients. Financially, the practice was losing money due to poor operations. The owner was experiencing customer complaints and slow-down of patient referrals due to new competition. There was a lack of formalized structure, compliance measures, consistent processes and great customer service, especially for front desk operations. The owner saw a need to apply modern best practice solutions to its people operations and inter-office operations to remain competitive, resourceful, and profitable. As a strategic transformation effort, Meta Viable Solutions was brought in as a worthwhile investment to conduct business redesign, IT and Culture transformation.



  • Conduct a business re-structure and re-design for internal operations

  • Identify and integrate best practice IT solutions for administrative and clinical workflow efficiency

  • Create a more positive and engaged workplace culture within and between offices

  • Created inter-office streamlined communications, collaboration, and standardization



  • Conducted gap analysis against best practice standards

  • Created process recommendations & mapping within each department (administrative, billing, hr, clinical)

  • Conducted deep dive with staff into administrative, billing, hr, clinical workflow processes, IT and data systems, compliance measures

  • Engaged leadership & organization in change management efforts

  • Created highly efficient process improvements in all departments and between offices

  • Identified IT solution and integrated within all offices

  • Updated IT platforms Standardized processes to ensure better compliance and staff accountability

  • Reduced unnecessary expenditure

  • Implemented and conducted necessary trainings and educational measures

  • Customize policies, procedures, and process

Results/ Outcomes Achieved

This business  experienced the following positive outcomes as a result of  MVS partnership:

  • Customized best practice solutions that worked for this fast-paced office

  • 30% increased patient volume 

  • Experienced 25% increase in patient referrals and patient satisfactionCreated a modernized practice through IT implementation and educational training

  • Increased ROI through billing department re-design

  • Increased approved claims by 50% and billing standards, impacting higher reimbursement

  • Improved better communication between staff and offices

  • Increased direction and productivity 

  • Increased staff engagement through empowerment and best practice tools

  • Created compliant policies and procedures

  • Streamlined processes across offices

  • Created transparency and accountability measures (KPIs) 

  • Identified new financial revenue streams ($1M+) through project/program creation and implementation

  • Established accountable initiatives to drive profitable growth



"Meta Viable Solutions successfully selected, trained and implemented the new IT system in our multi-site, high volume offices. Sasha provided us with her guidance, encouragement and knowledge and brought together three offices as one entity furthering morale, process improvement, and practice efficiency. She established inter-office communication where it had not existed. With her guidance and collaboration, we also improved billing practices and reporting, and revamped the Billing and Collections Department."

~ Associate Director of Utilization

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