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Global U.S. Headquarters
Client Work Status: Complete

Infrastructure Design

Process & Operations

Product Integration


The Challenge

This global company had multiple business locations on a few continents.  They were struggling to create and implement internal systems, process and compliance. The CEO and CFO were struggling to create the proper infrastructure to properly launch and execute an organization within a USA regulated climate. Generating sales and integrating a new product line within client locations also posed a challenge. They had a need to strengthen internally within the organization in order to effectively engage with external stakeholders and potential clients and create an accountable organization. MVS worked with this company to set up a self- sustainable United States headquarters.



  • Create a HR management system

  • Centralize operations and record keeping

  • Conduct HIPAA compliance measures including IT compliance

  • Create trainings (including sales) and culture -related workshops within organization

  • Identify cost-effective solutions for inventory management and international imported supplies

  • Create a product integrated client work flow process

  • Create a management and performance system

  • Solidify a strong call center for inbound calls


  • Created onboarding processes and internal roles, job descriptions

  • Recruited top talent for administrative, sales, and clinical roles

  • Reconciled gaps in compliance

  • Researched & implemented cost-effective solutions

  • Created templates and business documents as necessary

  • Worked cross-functionally with external and internal key stakeholders (including legal counsel, etc).

  • Developed training materials for departments including sales

  • Designed product/service client integration process

  • Developed essential teams internally to improve communications

Results/ Outcomes Achieved

This company experienced the following positive outcomes as a result of  MVS partnership:

  • 50% increase in customer acquisition and satisfaction (higher conversion)

  • 70% increase in recruitment

  • 75% improvement in efficiency across global operation processes

  • 100% Audit Approval for Compliance

  • 40% decrease in inventory management costs

  • 80% increase in client engagement and satisfaction high customer satisfaction

  • 70% increase in employee performance due to accountability management and performance measures

  • Established people and best practice systems in place

  • Negotiated contracts and finalized business plans, proposals, presentations resulting in 85%+ partner acquisition

  • Integrated a process to deliver service and product

  • Created and implemented a sales process and training for teams


Urban Skyline

“ Meta Viable Solutions is smart, resourceful, and professional. In particular, I was impressed by their experience, research, and pricing negotiations in recruitment to build a pipeline of hard-to-find clinicians. I offer my recommendation of Sasha as a solid consultant to any company."

~ VP of Analytics

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