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HR Restructure

Higher Performance



The Challenge

This non-profit was experiencing culture stagnation. The previous manager had created a toxic work environment in which employees no longer took pride in their work or working with each other. Employees and departments worked in silos not willing to work well together or share information due to the stifling fear-based environment. Employees were hoarding their work making it hard for leadership to see the work being done. This was unproductive and affecting customer service ratings, employee satisfaction.  Managers were constantly putting out fires and having to make the decisions at all levels. Many feared being fired and scared to bring ideas to the table. Meta Viable Solutions was brought in to develop strategic transformation in the form of a positive culture shift. 



  • Transform company culture and morale

  • Improve employee engagement and accountability

  • Create a cross-functional work culture

  • Create employee incentive program

  • Implement best practice solutions including HR Management



  • Served as a positive change agent to engage the organization in transformation

  • Assessed barriers to higher performance amongst company work culture

  • Aligned organizational and employee vision, mission and goals

  • Created cross-functional work culture

  • Implemented leadership and team development trainings and workshops

  • Engaged staff in change management initiatives 


Results/ Outcomes Achieved

This non-profit organization experienced the following positive outcomes as a result of  MVS partnership:

  • Designed an inclusive work culture

  • Improved customer satisfaction by 50%

  • Improved employee satisfaction through designed employee incentive and management 

  • Achieved 100% of hiring needs within 2 months

  • Increased employee engagement and productivity by 70%

  • Instilled better leadership through training & development

  • Created cross-functional teams that impact ROI

  • Transformed into a positive work culture different atmosphere

  • Created collaborative workflow through workshops & initiatives

  • Content leadership able to delegate work and trust coworkers

  • Improved communications in the workplace

  • Created accountable behavioral shifts

  • Created a problem-solving, results-oriented teams created based on specialties

Workplace Culture.jpg
Non-Profit Culture Transformation
Client Work Status: Complete

“ Sasha has a very charismatic go-getter personality and is particularly excellent at bringing groups of people towards a common goal. Under her leadership and knowledge, I was able to see the operational efficiency and morale of staff in all  departments and office locations improve significantly. 

~Senior Analyst

Similing Team
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