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Trusted Advisor & Positive Change Agent

META VIABLE SOLUTIONS fosters collaboration and innovation to ensure we not only understand

the core needs of clients, but also help them to develop successfully. We are multi-talented and

understand the different components of what it takes for a business and its people to succeed.

Full Cycle Project Management

We know that successful project management involves appropriate initiation, planning, executing, monitoring & control, and closing. We are able to provide service at any stage of the project management cycle.

Brand Building & Marketing

Having a competitive edge whether branding or rebranding is essential in today's market. Research, product brand development, program development, social media, website design & development, and creative promotional advertising are key.

We help to bring your vision to life through strategy, research and implementation.


Operational Process Improvement

Companies are process driven on all fronts. Strong operational systems, work-flow efficiencies, protocols, and optimization are key to support strong customer engagement and business development.

Culture & Communications Improvement

Clients often need to improve morale and communications within their organization regardless of the current business state. Improve communications, buy-in, morale, expectation and articulation of organizational objectives through leadership, team and communication initiatives.

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