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I worked with Ms. Lalite at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and can attest to her outstanding character and work ethic. She inspired me to achieve higher goals. She gave helpful insight of agency work and took initiative to implement solutions. She is a team player who could always be counted on to put in more than her share of the work. She  is an intelligent and reliable team player who will undoubtedly be asset to any organization.

Eric Rivera, Auditor

NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene


Sasha has an incredible adaptability with clients. Her uncanny ability to know what a client wants before they tell her makes others feel comfortable. Her flexibility also allows her to quickly switch tactics if a client changes their mind about something at the last minute. Sasha’s great connection with others and relentless perseverance to always make clients content allows her to be the best leader a company can ask for. Sasha is also able to work effectively with other co-workers, making her a great addition to the team. 

Lisa Woon, Human Resources

Montefiore Health System


It was inspiring to work with Sasha and believe she is a strong asset. Her greatest asset is her natural ability to lead & manage with a positive, motivating attitude. Sasha has the determination to achieve goals while staying grounded in who she is as a person. She successfully facilitated meetings, engaged in initiatives & solved issues - further fostering a sense of collaboration between stakeholders in a very fast-paced matrix organization. Her passion, communication & networking skills are noteworthy throughout her numerous responsibilities. I learned so much from her, including how to gain collaboration between experts in an array of fields in order to accomplish a unified goal.

John Vendivil, Operations

Novartis Pharmaceuticals


I had the privilege to work with Ms. Lalite at our new and upcoming pediatric office. Sasha created better office infrastructure and worked closely with me and others to improve patient flow processes, regulatory and compliance measures, hire talented teams, and increase patient volume through marketing initiatives and referral programs. Under her guidance, leadership, mentoring and great example we completed many effective projects including EHR training and implementation. She modernized and helped move the company forward through assessment, training, upgrades and innovation. Ms. Lalite was a great role model for many of us at the practice. Always positive and striving for success, she empowers others.  Working with Ms. Lalite was an honor and a privilege. She's an incredible leader, and is, always up to date on current events. She's an asset to any organization.

Danielle Rivera, Associate Director Utilization 

NYC Health & Hospitals


Sasha is smart, resourceful, and professional.

I enjoyed working with her at AposTherapy.

In particular, I was impressed by her experience, research, and pricing negotiations in recruitment to build a pipeline of hard-to-find clinicians. I offer my recommendation of Sasha as a solid addition to any operations department.

Shelley Gnall, Vice President of Analytics

Apos US Management Inc.


I worked with Sasha in connection to certain business legal matters. She is responsible, a good communicator and comprehends sophisticated business and legal advice. She had a good handle on the business affairs and operations, and able to provide useful information for purposes of providing legal counseling. 

Neelam Singh Esq., Legal

Singh Law Practice LLC


Sasha hired me for an internship position to shadow the system design and implementation of a EHR at a multi-site pediatric site. Though unprepared for the professional world as a recent graduate, Sasha helped identify my strengths and weaknesses. She gave me ample exposure to many projects we worked on together and plenty opportunities to spearhead mini-projects on my own. Sasha promoted me to a position where I further flourished under Sasha’s mentorship. I was able to further my technical and interpersonal skills and gain invaluable experience in the field of health information technology. Sasha has a very charismatic go-getter personality and is particularly excellent at bringing groups of people towards a common goal. Under her leadership and knowledge, I was able to see the operational efficiency and morale of staff in all 3 office locations improve significantly. 

William Ku, EpiCare Analyst

NYU Langone Medical Center


I have been a Billing & Coding Specialist for 21 years. I met Ms. Lalite when she became our Practice Leader. She successfully selected, trained and implemented the EMR system in our multi-site, high volume 3 office pediatric practice. She provided us with her guidance, encouragement and knowledge and brought together three offices as one entity furthering morale, process improvement, and practice efficiency. She established inter-office communication where it had not existed. With her guidance and collaboration, we improved billing practices and reporting, and revamped the Billing and Collections Department. Sasha mentored and supported me in several projects that we worked on together. I was able to gain experience and further my skills as well . Ms. Lalite is a true leader and took us forward in a very positive direction. She is a fascinating woman.

Maria Vinson, Billing Specialist

Comprehensive Pediatrics NY

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